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About RINTECH, Inc.
Rintech INTL Institute of Life Sciences




l         Founded in 1997 in Atlanta, GA and moved to Maryland, the Greater Washington DC area of USA in 1998, RINTECH has been making every effort in research and development to serve the pharmaceutical/biotech/ chemical research and industrial world.


RINTECH Main Business

Main Services in three aspects:

1. Service in Pharma, Biotech and chemical industries, including product supply, FDA regulation consulting, related project development and promotion.
2. Rintech Biopharma Consulting Center,with lots of experts and related projects in R&D.
3. Chinese Association of Pharmaceutical Association, USA--As a bridge and platform, operating nonprofitably.



Serve pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries most economically and efficiently! Provide excellence in Custom Organic Synthesis, Manufacturing and Outsourcing, Drug discovery and Herbal medicines, Rapid delivery and products of the highest purity, plus competitive price!


l         RINTECH is particularly specialized in the Custom Organic Synthesis, Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/Biotech Outsourcing and Contract Research.

l         Our extensive collaborations and connections with the pharmaceutical/Chemical industries in China provide huge business opportunities in the related fields!

l         Our specialties include providing a variety of APIs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Unnatural Amino Acid Derivatives, Special/Rare Chemicals and lots of Biotech products, etc.

l         We are experienced in many kinds of chemical structures, such as a huge number of aromatics (including heterocycles), etc, the "Selected Examples of Expertise" gives you a rough idea about our works.

l         We make the products in quantities from mgs, grams to kilograms in our lab facility.

l         We also provide kilograms to tons of products from our associated manufacturers.

l         Our research experience in medicinal chemistry can help customers with new product discovery and development, allowing them to avoid hiring high costing staff or investing long-term resources in projects of uncertain potential.

l         We work on the research and consult of organic synthetic technology development.

l         We also work on the research and consult of herbal and Chinese medicine development.

l         Please see our "Products" part, which shows some of our representative products, some of them are not found from current commercial sources.

Welcome any inquire or suggestions about our capability and products (listed or unlisted). We urge you to contact us for all your needs.


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